Trim Mesh fails

Hi Guys!

Can someone help me please? I don’t know why i can’t split/trim those two meshes! I tried intersecting the Meshes and using the resulting Curve with the SplitMeshWithCurve. Any Ideas?



Forum.3dm (290.4 KB)

apparently it splits when you reposition it all to the center of the cplane or at least much closer to it since your meshes are very far from it. a workaround in case you dont want to reposition is to use MeshToNURB then just normal split and convert back to mesh, the mesh gets a few more tessellations but maybe thats ok for you otherwise rework them a bit. or create a new cplane (didnt try that)

here the MeshToNURB and back to mesh version

Forum-Romanum.3dm (482.5 KB)