Can't select the surface

Hi Guys

I’ve imported a file from sketchup and now i cant seem to select it as a surface as i want to boolean walls in the opening, does anyone know how to change it so Rhino recognises it as a surface?

Post the Rhino .3dm file here if possible.

Which Boolean command are you trying to use?

Which parts were imported from Sketchup?

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Its the openings that are going to be covered with walls, boolean difference is the command im trying to use. Also its saying my file is too large to post is there a way i can send it to you?

That looks like a mesh to me - you will have to use the mesh version of the boolean commands for this.
See the help file.

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Incase anyone wants to have a look

Yep, that’s a mesh. Select it and look in the properties box… Sketchup only makes meshes.

I might try cutting some sections through the mesh model with the Section command (the sections will be polylines), then creating nice, smooth NURBS curves from the section polylines, then re-creating the curvy surface using either Loft or NetworkSrf…

That way you will easily be able to work with your other objects in Rhino.


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Thank youuu, and it says open mesh. The only thing is sometimes it doesnt cut through some of the walls. It’s really difficult especially when you are a beginner for rhino :smiley: