Boolean difference mystery

While working on a water craft, I changed one curve to produce a more rounded rails.
The end result is almost identical between the two models but the object I used for making a cutout
refuses to work on the refined model. I can’t seem to figure what is the issue.

I ended up cutting the 2 models in the middle of where the cutout suppose to go and joined them.
Geometry wasn’t super clean and I had to do some clicking with micro naked edges in order to close it.

I’m still looking to understand what is wrong and how can I produce a cleaner geometry.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
Boolean-issue.3dm (2.2 MB)

Hello - your surfaces have stacked control points at the edges - I’d guess this model has been at least partly modeled other than in Rhino?

At any rate the surface-surface intersections are not liking that, in this case, is my guess. It does work on one object but in general staking control points is not a good idea in Rhino.


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Thanks Pascal!

Yes, the model is imported into Rhino. Sadly I have little control over how it exports.
Any idea for a quick fix in Rhino to overcome this obstacle without altering the shape of the craft?

It seems that one trial pass with the Rebuild command take cares of that issue. Few more passes I can get it to fix it without altering the shape.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!