Cannot Select Surfaces

I was working with a Rhino6 model, and suddenly I cannot select any surfaces. I can select points and curves just fine. I’ve tried the Unlock command, and it says no objects are locked. When I go to the Edit menu and select all objects, points and curves are selected, but no surfaces. A left window drag picks points and curves but no surfaces.

If I bring up another file, I can select surfaces in it, and when I close the problem file and reopen it, the issue remains. So it is associated with that file somehow. Of course, I’ve also tried shutting down Rhino completely and reloading it - no joy.

Any ideas as to what is going on and how to fix it?

Edit: Here’s what an audit of the file shows - note no locked or hidden objects:
Document Manifest:
Texture Mapping: 0 active, 1 system.
Material: 0 active, 2 system.
Line Pattern: 6 active, 3 system.
Layer: 12 active, 1 system.
Group: none.
TextStyle: none.
Annotation Style: 1 active, 7 system.
Light: none.
Hatch Pattern: 0 active, 9 system.
Block: 17 active.
Model Geometry: 359 active.

Total: 395 model components. 23 system components.

Audit Summary:
Table tally:
12 layers
17 instance definitions
1 annotation styles
0 fonts
6 linetypes
Object tally:
294 normal objects
0 locked objects
0 hidden objects
0 deleted objects (in undo buffer)
65 block definition objects
0 reference normal objects
0 reference locked objects
0 reference hidden objects
0 reference block definition objects
No errors.

More info: I can create a new surface and select it. So it’s not a global issue with the program, it must be related to the surfaces that existed when the problem occurred.

I think it’s selection filter that’s causing this…you might have unticked the surface tab

Hi - please post the 3dm file.

I woke up this morning knowing just what the problem was. Yup, the layer was locked, and that layer consisted exclusively of surfaces! My brain had made the wrong correlation between symptom and source of the problem.

Rhino 6 Mac does not support filter selection.


Really… That’s so sad

There are quite a few things that rhino 6 on Mac doesn’t do / support. Shame the upgrade costs more than when the windows upgrade launched.

I’ve just decided to skip it if I can and wait for 7. I may yet be forced into it, but it’s been going ok so far. Rhino 5 was so much smoother that it wasn’t too unpleasant going back to it after the beta for 6 ended.