Boolean Problem

I made some objects in SU - exported to DXF - imported to Rhino. I want to cut holes in the box sides with the group of rods shown, I figure I’d manage this with a boolean difference but none of the sides are selectable when I call up the tool.2015-11-18_13-26-46.mp4 (4.3 MB)

What you imported from Sketchup are meshes. So you won’t be able to work with them as with Rhino NURBS objects.

There should be an option to import SU objects as polysurface objects (there is in Windows Rhino). If not, you can try using MeshToNurb on the import, followed by MergeAllFaces. Delete the original mesh objects, then try the Boolean operation again.

HTH, --Mitch

Here’s a shot of the import options. What was available didn’t solve the issue. I also tried MergeAllFaces on the objects after import but that didn’t work either. Any ideas?

[quote=“JKayten, post:3, topic:26867”]
Any ideas?
[/quote]Post the file? --Mitch

Edit - I didn’t look closely enough at the video. Look at what happens in the command line box to the right when you select your imported objects… They are block instances. So you will need to explode them to get at the underlying geometry - which I suspect may still be meshes. If so, use MeshToNURB as stated above to get surfaces, MergeAllFaces, then try your Boolean. If exploding the blocks does produce polysurfaces, run MergeAllFaces anyway, then Boolean.