Boolean Difference Failed

Can someone help me out of this vicious cycle? I want to create a door and a window on the walls that I have created. I was using two boxes and the “BooleanDifference” command. I tried everything, the “intersect” command, even the “split” command but it always failed. For some reason, I could not in the room I want. Please help :((( I promise I’ll take you to a dinner if you can help :sob:Villa.3dm (3.1 MB)
(Plus, I lost my grid due to the size I’m on working on. If you know how to enlarge it, it would be much appreciated.)

Somehow you have got some duplicate surfaces in your walls (6) and managed to get it all joined up into an object that does not flag as a bad object, but is. Some major surgery is required:

  1. Hide the boxes temporarily
  2. Explode the “walls” object.
  3. SelDup to select the 6 duplicate surfaces, delete
  4. Delete the top and bottom surfaces as well, they have bad edges and will cause trouble.
  5. Select all the left over surfaces and Join. You should get 4 open polysurfaces.
  6. From Front view call PlanarSrf and window select all the top and bottom open edges. That should give you new, good top and bottom surfaces.
  7. Select all and Join. Should be a closed polysurface.
  8. Now show your boxes and do your BooleanDifference.

Fixed model below:

Villa-Fixed.3dm (447.8 KB)

Your model is pretty far from the origin so you won’t see the grid anyway. You can move the model closer to the origin if you want. To control the size of the grid, it’s in File>Settings>Grid, adjust the size and number according to your needs - this is a per-file setting, not a global preference.

HTH, --Mitch

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Thank you so so so much :heart_eyes: