Can't seem to 2d scale a polyline with gumball

Hi, I am somewhat new to Rhino 7 for mac. Can someone please help me figure out which Gumball tool to use to scale down this polyline? All i want to do is scale at these vertex points, so that the line that the gumball is on, scales down.

The problem is that i can’t figure out which tool on the gumball does it. i guess i don’t know enough about gumball as ive see others doing it with ease.

thanks in advance!

grab the box handle and drag-


Thank you, but if you’re referring to the “grid” i already tried that, and all it does is drag around the line segment. pls see attached vid for my attempt… maybe i am misinterpreting your instructions?

Hello - it’s hard to see… a consequense of the scale handles landing exactly on one of the points in cases like this - the one you want is the green square that is coincident with the near point.


Solved!! Thank you Pascal and Kyle. My fault for not seeing this. I definitely see it now.