Gumball Scale2D - How?


How do I scale things in 2D using the Gumball, like the T-Splines manipulator does?
I think there should be a obvious way, but I just can’t find it…

Or may be something tricky as extruding with constrains using the gumball…

If the selection is planar you’ll scale in 2D when holding shift while dragging a scale handle on the Gumball. If the selection is not planar, the scale with Shift held will be in 3D. There isn’t a way to scale2D a non planar selection with the Gumball currently although it is a filed feature request

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Yes, when working on planar objects it works fine, it’s about 3D objects that it can’t be done, like you said. The Rhino gumball is superior to the T-Splines manipulator because its everything in one tool (move scale, rotate), you don’t have to be switching all the time.

Thank you thank you thank you!