Gumball for mac

Please, can someone tell me why the Z scale on my gumboil for mac isn’t showing?

Hi @edlland-

Sounds odd. It is difficult to say without more information. A good place to start would be to reset your preferences to see if it is some persistent preference that is not set correctly. I would rule this out before investigating any further. If it is not a preference issue, we will need to see how we can reproduce the issue, if possible.


Thank’s for your reply. The Gumball seems to be alright. Its just that sometimes I intend to perform some actions with the gumball and i don’t get all the options available. Like for example, i drew a sphere, changed the degree, and wanted to level the top and bottom of the sphere by scaling the Z- direction to zero but i couldnt because the blue box was’t showing. By the way I was following a video (snippy getting started) tutorial because I’m new to rhino. Thanks

I don’t know if this is truly the issue, but I was working off the same video a couple of days back, and noticed the same effect. After spotting this a few times, I finally twigged that all the items (points) I had selected, actually had no Z dimension difference, so I assume scale would be meaningless. sorry if I’m barking up the wrong tree, Bit new to this.