Can't remap middle and right mousebutton (Rhino 6)

Hi there.

I tried to to switch middle and right mouse button in the advanced menu… (RHINO 6)
switch 2 to 3 / and 3 to 2…

after that i rebooted. still not working.

(when i press the right key some context menu opens, middle mouse button doesnt work at all)

screenshot settings:

Can someone help me with this?

Hello - This works here so far - if the middle mouse button is set to open a menu in Options> Mouse, then the menu comes with the RMB down, if the middle mouse button is set to pop up the toolbar in Options, then this now moves to the right button in practice. Here, middle mouse button click acts as Enter with the settings you show - that is what I expect - I guess that is either not what you expected or not what you’re getting?


Hi Pascal
i would like to be able to orbit with the middle mouse button pressed down, using the right button for a custom popup menu.
neither works seems to work (i get a return with the right button).

is there anything else i need to setup in the pref?

Hello - I see that that does not work… from the Advanced settings - The MMB can be made to rotate the view, and you can add context menus for the right mouse button though -


Any of that help?


oh cool .that works. thanks. …but can i also put the pop up menu on the right mouse button (i use it a lot). now i have orbit twice.

Hello - as one of the commands in the context menus, put in PopUpMenu Yeah… one extra click…


middle mouse button can orbit PLUS if no movement the popup opens. so all good, thank you!
btw context menu… i never used that. for which commands would you use it? are there presets?

Hi, this topic is very useful, made me aware of further customization options that will help a lot!

A question please @pascal,in Rhino 5 when you have middle button pop up menu and additionally right click on the drop down icons (light bulb, lock, …) it opened its sub-options. In R6 this option disappeared and it really annoys me as my mouse setting is very sensitive (the way I am used to having it) and the right click enabled me to work fast whereas with having to focus on a tiny black triangle in the corner of the icon each time I want to unhide selection, or similar, slows me down a lot and hence I am still using R5.

Can I modify this somewhere?


I’m also trying to achieve the same thing. Use mid button for rotate/panning, and right button for popup menu. By remapping in Advanced menu (in the same way, Anika did), I got the right click to open popup menu, but the mid button is not panning.

You were telling Ankia to add Context Menu, but I’m lost how to do this.
This didn’t really help me, either.,a%20label%20and%20a%20macro.&text=Controls%20the%20menu%20that%20appears,viewport%20if%20nothing%20is%20selected.

Hi -