Right button for Enter command on magic Mouse does not work

Hi all. With the last update, I have the following problem: I can’t use the right click on the magic mouse as Enter command. In my system preferences the secondary click is enabled and in Rhino preferences ‘Enable context menus’ for Right mouse button is disabled. Of course the right mouse button works fine as enter command in other environments (Autocad, for instance).

There are many different places in Rhino where you might try using a right click instead of pressing the Return key, so I cannot tell what you are attempting to do. Could you please describe in more detail what you are doing when you expect a right click to work as if you pressed the Return key?

Hi Marlin, thanks for the reply. Generally I use the right click to repeat last command or to confirm an action during the execution of a command. This is the way I work in other cad softwares and the way Rhino worked until last update.

In Rhinoceros > Preferences > Mouse > Mouse, uncheck the Enable context menus checkbox. The default is to display display a context menu in the modeling window.

Hi Marlin, the Enable context menus checkbox is already disabled.

I cannot duplicate this. Using a right mouse click to repeat last command works fine for me when I have Enable context menus disabled. Does this happen only with your Magic Mouse? Can you test with a different mouse?

Sorry, this is still too vague for me to know what to type and what to click to reproduce this.

Over a year late, but I was experiencing the same issue: the Right Mouse Button was functionless after “Disable Context Menus” was disabled.

I found that by changing the Middle Mouse Button’s function from the default “Manipulate View” to something else (i.e. Popup Menu), functionality returned to the RMB. Now it executes commands/previous commands as expected.

Thank you so much ktsuyuki, finally the problem is resolved.

All the best.

Hi ktuyuki,

Since I changed the option for middle button mouse, I am experiencing that I can’t zoom scrolling middle mouse button. Do you experience the same issue?

Sorry for the very delayed response!

No, I haven’t experienced that issue—I’m still able to zoom with the scroll wheel. Is it still a problem for you?
It should work fine if your preference window has the same configuration as the one that I posted above, otherwise I’m not sure what could be causing your issue.