MiddleMouseButton pop-up menu R7

Hi community,

I don’t know what I’m missing here in R7. I configured my middle mouse button to orbit and its click to display the pop up menu… but when I click MMB nothings comes out .?!?

What am I missing ?!?


uncheck manipulate view to use the pop up tool bar.

hi @theoutside,
these are my settings in R5 and R6, and I’m able to click MMB for pop-up menu + PAN with MMB+shift. I don’T know why it isn’T working in R7.


Hello - does MMB click-and-hold and drag tumble the view as expected? The delay to pop up the toolbar follows the delayed context menu delay setting below - 250 ms. If you hold down MMB that long you should see a little menu icon appear and at that point the toolbar should appear on Mouse-Up. Set that delay smaller if it is too long for your liking, I have 150 ms here.



ahhhh @pascal thank you, it worked! I didn’T know why it didn’t b4… maybe I forgot to restart Rhino. Although this isn’t exactly the same behavior as R5 or 6 as we need to hold MMB now. Just noticed.

Thanks you :wink: !

My delay for the middle mouse pop-up window is set to 50 miliseconds and I consider that to be the best value, because it lets me show my custom pop-up menu quickly without interrupting the ability of the mouse to pan the view via dragging while the middle mouse button is being held.

The round black icon consisting number “1” opens the “Annotate 00” panel.