Not working as intended: "Manipulate with Middle Mouse" option


I understand that Rhino 5 implemented a new feature for using the middle mouse to manipulate the view, but when change to that setting, I lose my ability to create a popup menu. The functionality that was once the middle mouse does not get transferred over to the Right middle mouse button, it just disappears.

I’d like to be able to:

  1. pan/orbit with MIDDLE DRAG
  2. repeat command/enter with MIDDLE CLICK
  3. popup menu with RIGHT CLICK

This new functionality doesn’t seem to be working as intended. Am I missing something?

I think all it does is exchange the right and middle mouse button view functions. So your MMB will still popup the menu, not the RMB.


I just double checked. The popup menu functionality is NOT there when the “manipulate view” is checked. Can anyone repeat this?

Hi Matt - I get the menu or toolbar as set in Options, but for some reason these show up on mouse-up, not on mouse-down when ‘Manipulate view’ is checked.


You’re able to get the popup to occur on the right click with “Manipulate view with middle” activated? On my instance of Rhino, I completely lose that function. The right click becomes “Enter/Repeat Last Command.”

Can you confirm that you can still access the popup with this feature checked?