Mouse mid-navigation, right-popup menu

I’m trying to switch right button and mid button so that I can use the mid button for navigation and the right button for popup menu. I posted a question to this thread, but posting a new thread hoping to get an answer. Please help, my wrist is hurting a lot because of using the right button for navigation. (using Logitec MX 3)

Even though I edited Advanced Menu, it does’t work as Pascal also confirmed. He mentioned changing something on Context Menu, but I’m lost there.

Label: Popup
Macro: popupToolbar popup
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Hi -

For this part, you need to check Manipulate view in the Mouse options.

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Thank you. I see now. It’s one more step. Why couldn’t it simply swap mid button and right button? That would solve everything so easily.

what I was trying to achieve is to swap mid button and right button in ‘properties - advanced’ so that I can use mid button for navigation and right button for popup. Essentially, tricking Rhino to think the physical mid button is the right button, and the physical right button is the mid button. But it doesn’t seem to work.

you can’t do this in rhino, but you may be able to get a custom map for your mouse if you have a fancy gaming mouse.

That’s unfortunate, considering it appears to have so many options in Rhino preferences. I do use a new Logitec MX3 which could do what I’m hoping for. Unfortunately (again), the custom setup doesn’t work through RDP. I use RDP to connect to the work computer (windows) from personal MBP.

RDP doesn’t let me use a 3d mouse, either, which is a big bummer.

I guess it was obvious to other people, but I just found out I can use the mid button for both navigation and pop up menu. I just need to press and hold for pop up menu. All good now without being able to switch the mid and right button.