Can't open .3DM files on my NAS?

Hello All

I just purchased a WD My Cloud Home NAS to store all my files.
When I try to open any .3dm file Rhino crashes and asks to send an error report.
I am able to open jpegs/excel/pdf’s etc. seems to only be Rhino files that I can’t open

If I copy the file off the NAS and onto my desktop then I am able to open it…

I’m using Rhino 6 commercial
Windows 10 Pro


Hi @davidmoodie,

Could you paste the text from the Rhino command _SystemInfo?


Hello @DavidEranen
Thanks for responding to this. Sorry for the delay I’ve been out of the office.

I have spoken to WD and found they have a work around for this. They have a desktop folder that syncs with the NAS so that I can ‘check out’ the files that I am working on and store them locally. It’s not perfect but it works ok.

Thanks again

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