Error. XX.3dm file is not a rhino file_arhcive

Hello there,

We use NAS as a storage and recently I have encountered many issues regarding to fail to open a rhino file.
see the pic down below:

I searched some similar tops inforum and found no solutions but spot on “NAS storage like Google Drive or Dropbox may cause the error”. And some suggested the problem is the sync? And corruptted?

I uploaded the file here:200312_单体02.3dm (3.0 MB)

Much appreciated!


HI @Lei_Yang1,

From the screen capture you posted, it looks like you are using a cracked copy of Rhino. Can you confirm you’ve purchased a Rhino license?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Yes I have a cracked version installed in my home PC.
But is this the matter of cracked or prurchased?
B/C as I mentioned, similar questions posted yet not solved even one case.
So you r saying all these problems posted on forum are caused by a cracked version?
If so, I will purchase a license.


Support is, yes.

My view is that if you haven’t purchased a real license you have no right to get support.

Secondly, the only way to test if a bug has indeed been fixed is to have the latest version. Which cracked Rhino’s rarely are.