Can't log in to Rhino 7 WIP on Windows Server

Hi Brian,

I get a similar error.

I’m running Rhino 7 on Windows Server. Since I work on a Linux myself I use a remote desktop to run Rhino.


How to proceed?



Please see the post below. Do you have access to a Windows 10 machine that you could remote into instead?

Hi Will, thanks! :+1:

So if I set up a core-hour billing team, I could still use compute locally for debugging purposes, and I wont be charged until I make requests to Rhino’s compute server?

If you’re running your own instance of Compute on Windows Server then core-hour billing is the right (and only) way to go. You’ll be billed at the advertised rate for all the time that Rhino is running, whether or not you’re making calls to your Compute server.

When you’re running Compute locally to test or debug, on an OS supported by Rhino 7, Rhino needs to be licensed in the normal way (commercial, student, evaluation, etc.).

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