Rhino WIP on Windows Server Licensing Changes

Single-computer licensing is not supported on Windows Server when running Rhino WIP 7.0.19260 (Sep 17 2019) or later. Licensing is unchanged when running on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, or on MacOS desktop operating systems.

If you’re running Compute on AWS, Azure, GCP, in Docker containers, or on your own server infrastructure, you need to either use Cloud Zoo or Zoo to license Rhino. Read more about Zoo and Cloud zoo in our Licensing and Administration article.

Today, Rhino WIP uses one Rhino 6 license per instance per computer. In the future, Rhino 7 will use one license per processor core, as described in this thread.


Starting 15-Sep-2020, Rhino WIP will require a core-hour billing team when running on Windows Server or in a Docker container - whether it is running as Rhino, Rhino.Inside, or as Compute. You have until October 23, 2020 (when the 8-Sep-2020 WIP expires) to complete this transition.

I hope it is very easy to set up:

  1. Set up a core-hour billing team and set the RHINO_TOKEN environment variable on your servers or docker containers.
  2. Install the latest WIP (today’s public one is new enough) on your servers.

About core-hour billing:

  1. During the WIP period, we will bill at most $0.10 per month (in order to verify that credit card payments are succeeding).
  2. A core-hour is Rhino running on one core for an hour (or running on four cores for 1/4 hour).
  3. Your core-hour billing rate (currently US$0.10 per core-hour) is set when you create enable core-hour billing on your team.
  4. Your bill will be computed and charged monthly.
  5. Core-hour billing is only available when running on Windows Server. If you run on desktop Windows, you must have a traditional Rhino license.
  6. Core-hour billing applies regardless of where your server is running. You are free to run Windows Server on your favorite cloud service, your favorite Docker environment, or on your own hardware.

Please let me know how this transition goes, or if you have any questions.

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I’m running Rhino 7 on Windows on a Mac (using Parallels) and I recently got the message to switch to a license with Core Hour billing.

Is this the intended behaviour?


Hi Martin,

Rhino isn’t supported on Parallels, but we might be able to fix this particular error.

Please see if this thread resolves your issue: