Rhino.Compute billing on remote desktop machine


In the Licensing & Billing guide it’s specified the that the billing applies for Windows Server-based operating system.

Are the billing hours applied when you deploy it on another windows desktop machine in the local network, that has a Rhino License installed?

One application would be to have all the grasshopper plugins we use installed on one machine and run our scripts on it trough hops, without needing to install these plugins on all the desktops in the office. I’ve followed the guides to set it up on a VM, but are there any guides on how to set it up on a remote desktop?


Hi Cosmin,

You can run Rhino.Compute on desktop Windows for testing and internal use using a Rhino license. If you’re using a Rhino license instead of server-based core-hour billing, it is up to you to ensure that only one user at a time ever uses the Rhino.Compute that is running to remain compliant with the End User License Agreement.

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