Rhino 7 and Windows Server


we currently using Rhino 6 on a Windows Server to do some automated export, conversion and preview image generation stuff.

Now we want to update to Rhino 7 and we are faced with the issue that Windows Server is not supported any more.

My questions:

  1. Is there any chance to get Rhino 7 up running on a Windows Server fully functional?
  2. How about Rhino.Inside? Does it support Windows Server?
  3. Because we only code in CPP, is there any CPP API for Rhino.Inside?


Hi @dsw Rhino 7 is fully supported on Windows Server, as it is the primary place to be doing automated processes. The licensing for running Rhino, Rhino.Inside, or Compute for automated tasks on Windows Server is core-hour billing. For details, please see Licensing & Billing with

I’ll leave the question about CPP API for @dale

Hi @brian

thanks for the answer. But the information about the core-hour is not quite clear to me.

So on a Windows Server OS with service account i always need core-hour licensing. Got it.
What about Rhino on a Windows Server OS interactively logged on?
What about Rhino.Inside on a Windows 10 OS when a user starts it interactively?
What about a service with Rhino.Inside (running in a service account) on a Windows 10 OS?

Is there something like a matrix where i can see which licensing on which OS and technique must be used?


This scenario supports standard Rhino desktop licensing, as many users are doing this as a way to “work from home” during COVID. You can also enable core-hour billing for this scenario, if you’re using the interactive console for testing a non-interactive service.

Rhino running on Windows 10 uses standard Rhino desktop licensing. Our intention is that core-hour billing be used for web services and other automated geometric compute infrastructure.

This still seems to be kind of a moving target, so we don’t have it super well documented yet!

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@brian we’ve been trying to get Amazon Workspaces going for our company users, and it was going fine until we switched to Rhino 7. AWS Workspaces for Virtual Desktop use Windows Server 2016 for Datacenters.

We are getting this error when launching Rhino 7, even though we have our Rhino License Server out there ready to serve up the license keys.

Is there something we need to be doing to run under this scenario? Our company is migrating to ALL VDI environement.


I’ll answer the same question in this thread: Rhino 7 on Windows Server - New in 7.4 - #5 by jstevenson

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