Can't launch VA

Reinstalling didn’t help. What’s next?

Hi @Piotr,

There has been a problem in the last Rhino update:

OK, thanks. I will try that.

Hi Piotr -

A Hotfix for SR 32 was released that fixes this issue. You should try that instead of reverting to SR 31.

Nothing on my radar yet:

Ha, you’re on the SR 33 Candidate. The hotfix is for SR 32. The suggested workaround was to downgrade to SR 31. I don’t think we’ll be releasing a hotfix for a release candidate.

Can you, please, send me a link to that R32 you are talking about?

You can download that from here:


I’ve never done the downgrade before. Do I have to uninstall the current version first? Am I gona loose my settings and plugin stuff?
Sorry for dumb question.

On Windows, yes. Not so on the Mac.

We often have to downgrade to find a version that broke something and we’ve never run into something like that. As always, make backups of things that are important to you.

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It works now.
Thanks guys for help.