VisualARQ 2 for Rhino 5 update unresponsive, files will not open

(Austen Goodman) #1


I am running VisualARQ for Rhino 5, I was initially unable to open any Rhino 5 file (maximum 1 GB) with VA elements as I would get an "updating model’ message. This would run for 2-3 hours before I quit the file. I was able to open these files on my other friend’s computers with the VA update and it was very quick.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Rhino 5 and VA multiple times. Now I can’t even open Rhino without getting a black screen in the Rhino work space. Any solutions?

Thank you.

(Enric Marquès) #2

Hi @austen.goodman,

This is very strange, specially if the problem is not happening on other computers.

Do you have any other third-party plugin installed on Rhino 5?
Do your Windows updated to the latest 1803 (Spring Creators Update)? Some users have reported me that Rhino 5 is not compatible with this version of Windows and have rolled it back.

Can you zip and send me the model to so I can test if I can reproduce the issue on some of the computers that I have access to?



(Austen Goodman) #3


It appeared to be the file itself that has been causing the issues. I tried it on an MSI and Asus and they both couldn’t open the most recent version. I have mangled my way around it, uninstalling VA, and copying and pasting elements into a different file and then reinstalling VA and accessing it as a much smaller file. However now I am having trouble once I am in VisualARQ and I use the levels button - I begin get a ‘VAUnknown’ error and then all other VA options will start to produce the same issue. This happened on Friday as well which inspired me to update.

Today I also updated to 1803 from the previous version and that made no difference. Thanks for your help!

(Enric Marquès) #4

Hi @austen.goodman,

Do you still have the file that shows the issues? Can you please send it to me to



(Enric Marquès) #5

Hi @austen.goodman,

Now I’ve seen you already send me the file. Thanks!


(Enric Marquès) #6

Hi @austen.goodman,

After looking at the file, it seems the problem is in the code that computes the spaces. We’re investigating why it is so slow and how can we fix it.

I’ll keep you posted.



(Austen Goodman) #7

Awesome thanks Enric!

Any reason as to why VA will not let me draw walls and somehow stops working when I select specific commands - causing me to have to do a reinstall? Is that related to the same issue?



(Enric Marquès) #8

Hi @austen.goodman,

Does it shows any error? What happens when you run any VisualARQ command?
Are you using the evaluation version?


(Austen Goodman) #9

When I open VA after logging onto my computer it seems to stop working - however, the toolbar is still visible and once I select a prompt like walls, doors etc, I will get ‘Unknown command: _vaWall’ etc when I select a feature.

I can get past this but I will have to do a reinstall to get it working again. However, if I use the levels command, I will begin to get the ‘Unkown’ issue again. Then I will have to reinstall all over again

As for not drawing walls; on the off chance I can get VA working the lines will show up to draw and then the walls will not appear once I click end.

I am currently running the student version, I bought it a couple months ago and haven’t had any issues before Friday.


@austen.goodman if you get the “unknown” command message after running a VisualARQ command, make sure VisualARQ is loaded in that Rhino session. Go to Rhino Options > Tools > Plug-ins, and make sure “VisualARQ” and “Tibidabo” are enabled. Check them if they aren’t and restart Rhino. Once this is done you should not need to reinstall VisualARQ to make it work.
Let me know if that solves the problem.

(Austen Goodman) #11

This did the trick! Thank you for the help. As for the unresponsive file, not to worry I have made a new file and gotten past the issue.