VisualARQ not loading after Rhino update

I updated Rhino 7 to latest Service Release Candidate 7.33.23213.13001, after which VisualARQ failed to load. Giving this error message.

  • reinstalled latest VisualARQ 2.13.17290. No luck.
  • removed Rhino7 and reinstalled the latest Service Release 7.32.23215.19001. No luck.
  • tried to re-reinstall VisualARQ. No Luck.

So, currently I’m unable to get VisualARQ up and running.

Hi Toni -


This is on our list as RH-76240 Rhino C++ SDK break

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I´ve had the same issue after updating Rhino, Visualarq is no longer loading.

RH-76240 is fixed in 7.32 Hot Fix 1.