Can't Group components in Grasshopper - Rhino 6

Hi all,

I have a strange issue where I can not group a series of components together. I have tried Ctrl+G, Right-click > Group and Edit > Group and neither work.

I am running the latest version Version 6 SR30
(6.30.20288.16411, 10/14/2020)

I have also downloaded the installed and tried to ‘repair’ but no luck

Any ideas?

Try reopening GH without any plugins.

Hi Dani,
I tried that but it doesnt seem to have helped

Could it be that they are transparent and are there but you don’t see them? doing right click around the capsule of some grouped component you don’t see the menu of the group object?

Well… This is embarrassing. I somehow changed it to transparent without realising.
Thanks, Dani!