Question about GH Interface: Components' Relative Position & Hidden Group

Hello everyone!

I have some problems regarding the Grasshopper interface and would like to know if there’s some plug-in that can solve them. Also, since I believe they’re more like bugs instead of features, I wonder if they’ll be resolved in the upcoming Grasshopper 2.

First, the components’ relative position will be distorted when they’re moved together. This is very annoying that whenever I move a group of components, I’ll have to re-align everything again. I wonder if there’s a way to keep their relative position fixed, so a group of aligned components will not be shifted when being moved together.

Second, sometimes, a group will be hidden by another one and become inaccessible. The only way is to first select everything and de-select the unwanted part, or delete the group that is blocking and re-group again. This is not ideal.

Please share with me if you happen to know how to address these issues!
Thanks in advance!

@Petingo_Yang Regarding the hidden group, you can select the main group that is in the foreground and use Ctrl(Cmd)+B to move it to the background.

This will result in the hidden group being drawn in the foreground as intended

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