Grouping groups does not work


grouping groups does not work in Grasshopper. I attached an example file. They seem to be grouped in Grasshopper but after baking, they aren’t anymore. Am I doing something wrong? (7.9 KB)


I have a lot of geometry to bake and grouping (and sub-groups) before baking saves a lot of time/work afterwards. I hope this is possible somehow. not a problem in rhino. looks like a grasshopper bug to me.

I know I can work around this with baking to layers and using attributes with the help of the elefront plugin but just grouping is the most simple and straight forward way in my scenario.


it assigns the group, rhino seemingly doesn’t

thanks for answering. I don’t understand, could you elaborate please. is this maybe something that has been explained before? I couldn’t find anything with search.

A group is just an ID assigned to objects, if you copy a group it assigns a entire new #. In this case you have assigned it to 3 groups. When baked rhino sees all 3 assignments but must have the order goofed.

This might be a better done with blocks.

Thanks, I think I’ll use the elefront bake component to bake it to differtent layers. annoying because it makes the definition bigger, just grouping would be so simple. that’s why I’d like to know if this grasshopper behaviour is intended or if it is a bug? will it be fixed in GH2? @DavidRutten?

it’s weird,
baking the last group component, and after ungrouping 1 times a single row of cubes in Rhino I get a new group with all of them :open_mouth:

after baking in Rhino it looks like if they are grouped, yes, but in reversed order
so first all cubes together, then 3 groups of 7 cubes by rows

Is the confusion here that Rhino groups and Grasshopper groups aren’t the same thing? In Rhino, a group is just a way to control selection sets. Pick one object out of a group and the entire set gets selected. Except if you’re inside a command sometimes.

A grasshopper group is a collection of shapes that behave as though they are a single object. It makes transforming assemblies of objects simpler as they all move together, which is why the group components are in the transformation panels. It probably should have been named something other than “group” in Grasshopper.

Thanks, now I understand. Indeed I was assuming that RH and GH groups are the same. Please be aware that I’m not a developer, I’m just a user.
OK, so it is not a bug and GH just does not provide the kind of grouping like RH does, understood. But there is still one thing that is strange. It is just nested groups that don’t work, simple/unnested GH groups get indeed baked into RH groups. Also when I bake, GH brings up the bake dialog box. There I can check “Group - Yes please”. The RH output gets grouped, sure, but when it is a GH group already, then this bake option does not put them in another group (does not nest them) - though this is what one would expect, right?