Grasshopper file open error

hi , i get an error when i open this (643.5 KB)

The last time the grouping was added, the violet area continued to expand, causing an error
I have the same symptoms this time, I have saved, but the file does not open after crashing due to an error

Is there a way to recover the files?
And why does the grouping seem to be overlaid and cause an error?

i use rhino 5

I’m getting problems opening the file on Rhino6 too. Investigating further.

Can’t seem to get anywhere. I’ll have to enlist some of the C++ experts for this, which means Monday noon at the earliest. Logged under RH-46653.

Took a long time but I think I figured it out. The problem is that there’s a group which contains another group, and that group contains the first group. They’re cyclically nested, probably done through the ‘Add To Group’ menu item.

Good news is I can probably fix your file and fix this issue in Rhino6 onwards, but on Rhino5 this will always remain a fantastic way to crash Grasshopper.

This group fix is now logged under RH-46681.

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@intrinsic5 try the attached file: (635.3 KB)

It has one missing component for minimal surfaces because I did not have that plugin installed.
It loads again here:

Thank you very much for your efforts !