Can't get used to how Rhino rotates view

I normally use Creo, which moves the model spin center to the mouse location on the model. Clicking the mouse and dragging will tumble the model up/down and left/right, i.e. you can go directly to the model orientation that you’d like in one move.

Right click and drag in Rhino either tumbles the model up/down about the screen X axis, or spins the model about the Z axis of the CPlane with a left-right mouse motion. This can be really awkward in some orientations (like when the CPlane Z and screen X are aligned, you only have 1 deg. of freedom). Seems like it’s necessary to add the shift-alt RMB to change the camera angle at that point.

Any settings or workflow tips for orienting the Perspective and 3D views? This is driving me a bit nuts, seems like tying the model spin to the CPlane is a bit limiting.



Hi John - look in Options > View page for some settings that might get you something you like better.


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Thanks, I found that the ‘spin around screen old V2’ option worked for me. Although now I think I’m realizing some of the advantages of the new spin. (Although the Creo one is still my favorite.)

HI John - one thing that may help is that once you start tumbling the view, holding Shift will lock it to the nearest (vertical or horizontal) to your current motion.