Wish for Rhino Options/View/Rotate


I noticed that V6 brings back an interesting option in “Rhino Options/View/Rotate” witch is “Classic V2 Style Rotate Relative to View”.

Personnally, I really appreciate how the “Rotate Around World Axes” works. The way I understand it is that the camera rotates around de “Z” world axe. Unless I missed something, there is no way to ask to rotate around another axis. This option would be very usefull when we need to work around an imported model from another software where the user did not use the “Z” axis as his vertical axis. I know we can set the view option to “Rotate Relative to View” but that means we lose the feeling of “Rotate Around World Axes” if we like it. The other option is to rotate the object so it has the “Z” as the vertical axis but sometimes it creates confusion and potential mistake when models are moved.

Having the option to “Rotate Around World Axes” and being able to choose the axis we want would give the best of both world (no model displacement and the rotation we want).


Francois Couillard

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Hi Francois, I agree, it would be nice to have more control - around CPlaneZ might be a good option for instance, and understandable. I have also seen implementations where the user could select any line or linear edge as a temporary view pivot - this is also handy.


I know it’s an old topic but just played with this Classic V2 Style Rotate Relative to View and absolutely LOVE IT. It’s tricky to begin with but after about 30min I figured out how to interact with it and there is no way I’m going back to Rotate around world axes. I can do with my model whatever I want with just one mouse click…LOVE IT