Annoying difference between PC and Mac

In Rhino for Windows, dragging to rotate the perspective display rotates the camera around what’s in the center of the view. This makes it very easy to spin the view around to, for example, look at the other side of the object.

However, in Rhino for Mac, dragging rotates the world around the camera, ending up with the object that was in view moving around in the viewport rather than spinning so that I can see the other side of it.

Is there a setting for this that I’m not seeing? It’s almost enough to make me stop using rhino/mac and pulling out my windows laptop when I’m modeling.

EDIT: what the… now it’s working right. all day on friday i couldn’t get it to rotate correctly. i guess there must be something that makes it rotate the “other” way. NEVERMIND. :stuck_out_tongue:


My guess is the viewport was dragged very close to a “plan” view so right click started Panning instead of Rotating.
You can always force a rotate by pressing and holding the Command + Shift keys and RM drag.
Windows Rhino does the same thing.

OK, it’s definitely inconsistent at best. It works “properly” sometimes, but then others it does what I described before, or sometimes it rotates around some other point in the distance. Here’s a video of it rotating around the camera: Any suggestions?

FWIW, I didn’t click at all… i’m using the magic mouse “swipe to drag” feature. which is really cool btw… wishing I had such a thing on my PC. (It’s not often that I say that. :smile:) The cursor was in the center of the viewport.

i am not able to watch you vid for some reason but from your description i have never seen anything like that. i am not using the magic mouse though. i found that to be terrible for modeling and very inconsistent. for the heck of it why dont you try a different mouse and see if you have the same issue.

i think you’re trying to rotate around one thing while the camera target is way over there…

to check- next time it happens, select the object(s) you’d like to rotate around and use Zoom Selected… (there’s a default macro for it… type ZS then press spacebar…

the camera should zoom to your selected object as well as move the camera’s target point to the center of the object… now when you rotate, it will go around that object.

Jeff’s right. The center of rotation for a camera orbit must set (ZoomSelected or even Zoom) to tell Rhino to behave.

It’s literally an every 10th Alias for me in the course of work.

is this different than in rhino/win? i’ve never had to set what it was looking at when working on my windows laptop.