User Interface Comment/ Question - Rhino Mac 6 WIP

Dear All,
First of all, I would like to thank all the team behind the WIP, compiling and fixing the exceptions, compiling and recompiling again and again. It is getting stable more and more.

My question / comment is regarding the Command bar, command history. While in Windows the command history is directly on the command bar space, in Mac, the command history is on the left bottom side. Meaning it makes our eyes travel all the way to read the information. More than that, we need to click on the history to get the information visible.

Is there a way at least to make the command history always visible ? I tried both with Mac and Windows Themes on Rhino6WIP.


If you right-click on the header space near the top of any inspector panel where the tool icons are located (right sidebar), it’ll bring up a list of available tools that you can add (or remove) from each panel – just select the β€œCommand History” option – it should automatically display the window and will add its icon to the panel.

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It still is far away from the command panel

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If you like to work in that UI setup: The popup Command Option let you can put it where you want,
so they can be next/on top /or below each other.


Awesome, Thanks for the tip !!! :slight_smile: