Can't Figure out the Flamingo Texture Set with a Displacement Map

  1. Created a new Rhino Project using the “Small Objects – Inches.3dm” template.
  2. On “Default” layer, created a 240”x120”x6” slab.
  3. Created a new material of “Flamingo Texture Set” type.
    a. I renamed the texture set to “Flagstone”
    b. Loaded “Flagstone Color.JPG” as a Color map.

    c. Added “Flagstone Displacement Map.PNG

    i. Two entries appeared in the editor window.
    ii. Right-clicked on the first of the two entries and set its type to “Displacement.” The second of the two entries disappeared.
  4. I set the layer material to “Flagstone.”
  5. Now, what I want is for one copy of the material to be sized to fit the 120” length of the slab. However, I first try a test render, which turns out with a super-tiny material.
    So, I proceed to trying to scale the material.
  6. The TextureSet “Width” and “Height” fields are set to 10 and 4.625.
    I reset the width to 240, and the height automatically changes to 111. I restart the render, which also produces the same, super-tiny material. On closing the render view, the Texture Width and Height reset to 10 and 4.625.
  7. I decide to try something else. At the bottom of the material editor, I click on the “Advanced Editor” button. Now, under the “Textures” heading, I click on the first of the two images. I rename the image “Flagstone Color.”
  8. The “Tiles” are both set to 11.8110. I change the Width to 240. The Height automatically changes to 111. Rendering the view produces the same, super-tiny material. I return to the Material Editor and notice the Texture Height and Width fields have both reset to 11.8110.

As a side note, I also tried a program—PixPlant—that was recommended in a different post. It created a displacement map that I wasn’t able to upload because it was a .TIF image. So, I’ve included the .PNG image I tried instead.

So, I spent all afternoon floundering around and not making progress. What…am…I…misunderstanding…here? Thanks, in advance, for any help or suggestions.

C’mon, now, SOMEBODY knows the answer to this question. Pascal? Anyone?