Flamingo nXt 5: How to change the size of tile materials?



Hi @scottd,

how to change the size of the Flamingo tile material? When I change here the values, nothing changes. (Please click on the picture, Discourse cuts off this picture, not nice.)



(Konzepte) #2

same problem - no solution?

(Shawn) #3

Has there been any resolution on this issue? I attempt to change the tile size under the Editing Flamingo Image and it reverts back to the original size after I click OK.

(Anita Rudbeck) #4

I have the same problem,- that it reverts back after clicking ok.


Same here. Any solution?

(Alban Bassuet) #6

This needs urgent fixing. Flamingo people please !!

(Alban Bassuet) #7

Had to reverse back to Rhino 5. Works there.