Can't Delete Parameter Data on DirectShape Imports

I was playing around with the parameter components with Rhino.Inside.Revit. The parameter data I set between grasshopper sessions will not clear out when I import any DirectShape. If I were to import rhino geometry with DirectShape my element automatically has parameter data including fire rating, roof material etc. This is exactly what my script looks like with just two components but I am still getting these parameters associated with my imported geometry.

In previous grasshopper scripts I did set fire rating, roof material, for other direct objects I imported. After closing and opening revit these parameters still associate with any directshape I import in complete separate scripts. Is there any way to clear out parameters between sessions and files?

Thanks for the help

Those are going to be added by the Built-In Categories, these are system properties and not removable, unless someone added those to the project parameters under that category. I’m not see those on my Generic Model via Imperial Project Template.

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Hi Japhy, Thank you for getting back with my so quickly. I have a theory on what happened. You are not seeing those parameters on your side because you are opening up a completely new and clean revit file. This problem seems to be associated with my revit file. When I deleted my set of parameters in my very first script I got this error from revit:
elements no longer tracked
I think I hit “ok” that first time and from that point on any directshapes I brought into that revit file had all of my previously deleted parameters associated with it when they were not present in my scripts.

I recently opened up a new session of revit to recreate the issue. When I got that same error again I hit “delete all” instead of “ok” and the issue has not persisted in this new file. Does this sound like a potential solution?

That sounds about right. To be clear you are Defining and Adding those parameters to the Generic Model Category? Then you delete the Add Parameter component and it gives the warning. BTW Shift Delete of the component will forgo the warning.

Hi Japhy, Yes I defined parameters to a generic model. Those parameters showed up no matter what category I choose. I do understand you first statement though about some categories having built in parameters that you can’t change. That was not the case with my issues though.

Deleting the “element parameter” component gave me this error.

Thank you for the tip on on the shift delete! much appreciated.

If you go into the Project Parameters and edit your custom parameter you can uncheck the categories they are being applied to.

Or you can do it in Grasshopper like this

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Very interesting option. I am glad to have this in my back pocket.