Defining and managing Shared/Project Parameters


I’m using the Define Shared Parameter component.

First, it’s confusing how the added parameter is actually shown under the project parameters and not under the shared parameters. But I understand why this is, as a shared parameter is normally only created by loading in your shared parameter .txt file whereas RiR is short cutting this process.



Second, I’m wondering if this component could have some expanded options, to allow the user to set the Type of Parameter (Text, Integer, Number, Area, Volume, Length) and also set the Group parameter under info (Data, Dimensions, Text). Or, if adding in all these options presents too much complexity, could the ‘Group parameter under:’ be driven by the Type of Parameter? For example, Text is grouped under Text, Integer/Number is grouped under Data and Area/Volume/Length is grouped under Dimensions?



@lignindes Your comments and confusion makes complete sense. Currently Revit API does not have any support to create Project Parameters programatically. The closest workaround was to add a component uses the .txt Shared Parameter definition mechanism to define a new Shared Parameter and add that to the project. Showing shared parameters under the Project Parameters window is normal Revit behaviour. The Shared Parameters manage window, manages the parameter “definition”, whereas, the Project Parameter window manages how these “predefined” parameters are “bound” to Revit categories.

Added a request to add more configuration on this component for parameter storage type, grouping, and bound Revit categories:


Thank you for your clear and complete reply, per your usual!


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Hi @eirannejad

I can see that additional options have been added since this post, but is there also a way to choose what categories we want the new parameter to be associated with?

At the moment, by default, it looks like it just automatically chooses all of them, but can I say only choose walls etc?

Additionally, is there a way to go back and programmatically edit the shared parameter details (I know revit does not typically allow this- so assume maybe an issue)


I’ll add it as a feature request.

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You can do it like this… By the parameters parameter.


Hi @Japhy

With the bindings, firstly where is that drop down (I can not find it anywhere).

Secondly, I have a big excel list of parameters to create, so rather than a one size fits all, I want to be able to read a 0,1 or 2 from my excel table and that then converts to a binding type. I have looked into the API but cant solve it myself (as bindings them leads to me talk about categories).

So- do you have any suggestions- or can we actually access the source code of each of the RiR nodes?

Thanks for all your great help!


You have to right click on Binding then select Expose Picker.

Amazing @mucahitbgoker

And any idea how to programmatically get it into with the API?

I am sure it is possible with Python. Take a look at the following thread if you have a familiarity with Python.

I will take a look at it when I get a chance.

This is what confuses me- it talks about bindings in relation to categories- but I would have thought they are two different things- categories (walls, floors etc) and the binding in this instance seems to be just if its type, instance etc.