DirectShape not showing up in Revit Schedules


Does anyone of you know why the directshape geometry is not showing in the Revit’s project browser, nor schedules?


The Name on the directshape is not good for much ( you can hover over in view to see the name)

To schedule you will need to add a parameter to the same category (in this case Generic Model) (9.8 KB)


Very nice @Japhy ,
So that I understand what you did: Because DirectShape themselves can not have parameters, you created a Project Parameter, and assigned its value to the imported DirectShape?
This is a standard approach when it comes to parameters for DirectShapes?

No, DirectShapes will get the system parameters assigned by the Direct Shape Category.

Here is a Duct Category and you can see that there are some Duct Relevant Parameters in the Properties.

Additional Parameters you would like on there would need to be Instance Property Parameters of that Category.


This is due to the distinctions between a Revit Family and a Direct Shape Element.

Essentially a DirectShape is a Generic Form/Line/Point that can be assigned to a specific category to represent an object. This is useful for initial schematic representations or for unique elements that don’t require a fully functioning family.

The DirectShape is always going to be inserted in world space vs an origin point (family).

There is a DirectShape Type component that creates an insertable directshape (still with a 0,0,0 origin).

This will not show in the Project Browsers like a Family>Family Type. These are still a one-off element, only editable through the grasshopper definition used to create them.

The DirectShape default parameters are assigned by the category given. Unless its a instance text parameter these default parameters won’t be useful. The only way to control parameters that are schedulable and taggable is to create a New Project Parameter in that Category and give it the values.

These can then be scheduled with other Elements of that category that have that parameter filled out.

Materials are different as well. The DirectShape Material is Painted, vs a Parameter. Adding a Material Parameter to a DirectShape will schedule but it won’t change the Material in the view shading or rendering. That is controlled in the Grasshopper Definition or by Painting by Face in the Revit UI.

I think that covers most of it, let us know if you have any questions.

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Brilliant! Thanks for the clarifications Japhy. I personally didn’t focus much on tagging or scheduling elements when working with Rhino.Inside but BIM managers in our office quickly pointed that out and asked for a solution, which you clearly explained above.

Thanks so much for your speedy answer and happy holidays!