Cannot Select Revit elements created in Grasshopper

Hi, first thanks in advance for any help. I just started using Rhino.Inside for Revit and was referring to the online videos. I created a simple definition to generate Level elements. However, I cannot select the newly created levels in Revit even though they are visible. I tried to see if I can select the Level component instead and then hit Bake but the button is greyed out. I managed to generate walls using this Bake approach, but it breaks the live connection with Grasshopper.
What am I doing wrong here? (using Revit 2021 and Rhino 7). In the official Rhino.Inside video (Create Native Revit Elements), the levels can be selected after they are created.

Grasshopper screenshot:

Revit screenshot:

One possibility is the that since they are pinned you can’t select (the golden pin in the bottom right hand corner of revit)


Another option is that your Rhino/Revit session lost context somehow and needs to be restarted. Usually a number of Revit buttons available are greyed out and some elements can’t be selected. They’ve made a lot of improvements in recent releases but it still happens occasionally.

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Hi thanks, that indeed was the problem. If we can unpin an element and return it’s control to Revit, is there a purpose for the bake (selected component) functionality ? Or does it serve some other purpose?

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