Obsolete revit elements


I am trying to get elements from grasshopper into Revit with RhinoInside.
Hereby I first load the families and elements into my Revit model.
Later I try to couple these to the curves of my grasshopper model.
See the two steps in the two pictures below.
However, the grasshopper gives an error that Revit elements are obsolete, does someone know why and what I can do about it?


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Hey @e.m.vanderpas
The screenshot are impossible to decipher. Would you mind uploading more clearer screenshots please?

Hey @e.m.vanderpas I have gotten this error as well and it’s usually when something changes in Revit that is feeding into the component with the error. My workaround is to just disable/enable the component so it reloads the current geometry.

It seems like a memory leak or the expiration of a temp element in Revit memory. Not really a fix and it probably doesnt get @eirannejad much closer to the problem.


I get the same error every time I change a Revit parameter from grasshopper. For instance in the screenshot every time I change the justification of the grids I get this error. And as @daveaton mentioned if I disable and enable the element component the error disappears.

Hello @AliTG
The message is not an error. It’s bascially notifying you that the element that is referenced by that component, has been modified outside of that specific component. In the case of your example, the Wall element is being modified by the Set Parameter component.

Note that these components don’t duplicate and create copies of elements. All of them are referencing the same wall in the Revit model since the element is really created and managed by the Revit database and not Grasshopper.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Thank you, Ehsan. I got it :ok_hand:

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Is it possible to re-introduce the “Highlight component” even if the object is obsolete? It was so handy do have that function in the previews builds.
Now i need to right click on the "Set element parameter"press delete and show the element.

Thank you @eirannejad

This has changed on v.0.9.

Now wires do not turn orange, and elemenets are still available until the next solution.
This means “Highlight” and “Delete” are available even if elements will be expired on the next run.

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