Cannot Select Object created by Grasshoper in Revit environment

Hi there,
I had this issue several times. After creating Levels, Floors, Wall… by Grasshopper, I can not select them in Revit viewports. Saved file and re-open sometime work, sometimes not. Elements that manually created in Revit can be selected.
I attached Grasshoper file for your reference, I’m using Revit 2019 and lasted Rhino.Inside.
Anybody can show me what I’m missing because it happens frequently.
Thanks.Add Floor and (6.4 KB)

worked as expected, do you have the select pinned checked?



Hi Rickson,
Thanks for your advice.
It works for now. Maybe I forgot about it. I will check for the next work session.
There are few annoying things, for example, I can not Pan, Orbit by MMB in Revit Viewport after creating some building elements like floors, curtainwall… by grasshopper. Another problem is after creating these, I can open a Revit file, only can open 3dm. These things sometimes happen and I will screenshot them.

Sounds more to it than my simple answer. More on the lines of graphics card, particular revit version or the GH getting hung up mid process, or some combination of these.