Elements don't bake if only Grasshopper is opened in Revit

If only the grasshopper button is selected, a definition is opened (meant to bake elements to rhino) it will fail / stall. if you select rhino first, and then grasshopper it works. why wouldn’t it work when only opening gh? doesn’t rhino have to start in the background for grasshopper to work or even for RiR to work?

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Is this releated to Rhino.Inside Revit? Yes generally those buttons activate Rhino first and then ask Rhino to open the python editor or grasshopper.

Would you mind elaborating the steps so I can repeat them on my side a bit more?

  • Launch Revit
  • Activate RiR
  • Open GH
  • Open a definition
  • Stall?!

yes Rhino.Inside Revit.

Launch Revit
Open Project
Activate RIR (per the Rhino button on in Add-Ins tab)
Open GH (through the ribbon button that appears when RIR initiates)
Open Definition (contains components to bake selected category into Rhino)
Stall (transluscent overlay with spinning circle cursor)

Hmm doesn’t happen on my machine. Would you be able to share a definition that is causing this issue so I can test better? Thanks

2019_12_17 Revit to Rhino_Base.gh (52.5 KB)

this is an initial test effort to confirm functionality.

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you can’t expect people to have all those plugins installed. I had most… except for Wombat

sure I can (actually didn’t expect anything), this is open source, granted I didn’t clean out the other components that don’t relate to this specific issue and that’s on me.

Okay so setup my GH addons and ran your definition without any issues I think. My model has a series of wall only.

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ok, thanks for your time and effort. apologize for it being for not. unsure what is wrong on my end then.

No worries. I wish I could replicate the issue.

BTW, the filter mask node has REGEX support

2019-12-17 11_54_06-Grasshopper - 2019_12_17 Revit to Rhino_Base_

Start the search string with ; and put the keywords seprated with | per Regex standard. This way you can only list the items you want.