Cannot Print to Vector from Shaded all of a sudden

Hello all,

I used to be able to print drawings from a Rhino layout with both raster images and vectors in the PDF. Now, all of a sudden, I’m not able to and I can’t figure out why. The PDF only prints raster image PDFs unless I’m in wireframe mode. This wasn’t the case a week ago. I downloaded another PDF writer in addition to Acrobat, but that doesn’t make a difference. I’ve scoured the forums and internet for a solution but have found none.

Does anyone mind helping me try to figure this one out?


Hi Justin - are you printing from a layout or model space? Layout Details in shaded details can mix with vector details (not shaded) in printing layouts - not sure if that is what you mean…


Hi Pascal,

I’m printing from a detail window in layout space. Unfortunately PDFs in anything but wireframe comes out as a pure raster PDF, there is no mixing occurring.

The only way I’m able to get both vectors and rasters together is if I draw on top of the detail window, which doesn’t do me much good.

Hopefully that was a little more specific.


Hi Justin - here, if I set one detail to be shaded and the others to Wireframe, and print Vector, the resulting pdf has the shaded detail as raster and the others as vectors. I take it you have some other arrangement…?
junk.pdf (17.0 KB)


If I was to emulate your attached example, all the linework generated would show up as a raster image from the shaded detail regardless if it was 3D geometry or linework.

What I’m specifically trying to do (which I was able to do before) is take a 3D model or surface, and draw linework on top if the model. When I eventually print from a layout tab, I would like the shading from the surfaces to stay rasters and the linework to stay as vectors.

That’s why I believe this to be a bug of some sort, no matter if I’m printing surfaces, 3D geometry or lines from my shaded viewport, they come out as raster images. Whereas before, this was not the case. Someone else in my office is experiencing the same issue as well.

Thanks again for looking into this.

Hi Pascal,

After reading your reply more closely I realized you said the other details in the example were set to wireframe in order to print as a vector. I am looking to print linework as vectors from the shaded view port as well.

Sorry for the confusion, and again thanks for continuing to help.

Rhino has never supported printing of vector line work in the same viewport that has raster shaded surfaces. In other words, if you create a shaded box, the edges will print in raster if you are also printing the shaded faces of the box.

Hi Steve,

That makes sense, however, the specific problem I am having is that I cannot print vectors from the shaded detail even though there only lines and hatches visible. This is what made me originally notice something wasn’t right.


Steve and Pascal,

I’ve attached an example PDF and Rhino file to demonstrate the lack of vector printing ability from the shaded detail. Many thanks.

vector_test.pdf (84.8 KB)

vector_test.3dm (157.9 KB)

I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear. Rhino currently does not and never has supported mixing of raster shading and vector line work in a single viewport. The only case where this has even remotely worked is with multiple details on a layout. Each detail is treated independently and is either raster or vector (but not a combination of both).

Could you have 2 details, one over the other, registered exactly and have one (on top) in wireframe and the other (behind) in something like shaded or rendered without showing curves/edges? Would that print vector for the linework and raster for the fills?


Sure, but it will look like X-Ray display mode

Ah, yeah, right… :dizzy_face:

hmmm… Any reason why SelVisible doesn’t work in a detail?
I just tried to extract the wireframe and wanted then to select all curves that are visible in the view and hide the other in the detail but that doesn’t work…

Hi Wim - SelVisible only works on things that can be meshed as far as I know.


Well, in my simple scene I only had a box of which I extracted the wireframe. The box didn’t get selected either.

Hi Steve,

At this point I am no longer referring to a mix of raster shading and vector lines from one detail. I suppose I could insert a picture frame screen shot to achieve that, or overlay viewports.

What I’m asking now is why I cannot print a vector PDF from my shaded detail when it only has linework without any raster shading. I swear I used to be able to this but now am so scrambled I don’t know any more