Cannot Print Vector from Layout

When printing from layout view, even when selecting “vector”, the resulting pdf always turns out as a raster. Can only certain view-modes be printed as vector? Do the objects in question have to be curves? What can I change to get a vector?

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Only non-shaded, non-technical views will print vector, which pretty much means only wireframe will print vector. It is a long standing wish (at least by be) that things that could be printed vector in a shaded view (curves, surface edges) would do that, but that doesn’t seem very high on their list. Also, I think the labeling of the print options is confusing because of this, instead of a radio button for Vector / Raster, it seems it would be much more accurate if it was a check box that read “Print wireframe views / details as vector.”


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Thanks for clearing things up. I completely agree to both your points, the relabelling would eliminate a lot of confusion for people unaware of this limitation.