Pdf with vectors and shading

Hi guys,

i was wondering if there is a way to print pdf as vector with the shading as well. Or is it mission impossible and i have to save the shaded object without edges, do make2d drawing and combine both in program of my choice?

I know similar question has been asked couple of times already, but i am hoping there is a simple solution now.

It isn’t very streamlined, but it gives really nice results: create and scale a detail, setting it to the shaded / rendered mode you wish. Then lay in the line work (make2d output, section output, or a trace) in layout space on top of the detail. Print in vector.


Thank you Sam,

it worked:-) i was hoping i could trick the system be laying the technical view on top of the shaded view, but gives only raster output. But thank you, your suggestion worked like a charm.