Crash when printing

Continuing the discussion from Cannot Print to Vector from Shaded all of a sudden:

I just wanted to test a print of lines to PDF.

  • Made a single line in the perspective viewport
  • Made a new layout - one detail.
  • Zoomed into the line - top view
  • Ctrl + P
  • Rhino WIP disappears completely without a trace - no crash report to send

Works fine in RH5.

Which PDF authoring tool are you using?
I suspect it is Adobe Acrobat and it’s crashing because your display drivers are throwing an error.
Acrobat barfs and takes Rhino with it so you don’t see the Rhino crash reporting tool.

This is why I use PDF995 and BullZip.

The Acrobat Reader is fine but the authoring tools are not at all fault tolerant.

  • I don’t get as far as being able to pick a printer - I get a brief glimpse of the dialog before Rhino vanishes.

  • This PC is never connected to a physical printer. The Default Printer in Window’s Control Panel is set to Send to OneNote 2010.

  • When calling the dialog in a regular non-layout view, there is no crash. Default printer comes up as current printer (i.e. OneNote). I can change to a PDF printer (next bullet) and print without problems.

  • I do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on this PC. For PDF printing, I have both CutePDF Writer and Nitro PDF Creator. (FWIW, On my other PC, I do have Adobe Acrobat and haven’t experienced problems with that one).

  • Again, it works fine in RH5. This is a RH6 WIP problem.

When I get into the office I’ll see if I can repeat the problem.
Thanks for the additional details.

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So far I can’t reproduce this.
I’m running Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 4
I do not have or use any MS Office tools so no “Onenote 2010”.
My default printer is "Microsoft Print to PDF"
Rhino WIP from 2/25 prints without error.

I’ll try it again with the new public WIP from Tuesday.

No problem with the new WIP either.

Can you try some other combinations please?
So far I can’t find anything wrong with the WIP and printing.

I’ve tried some other combinations now. I’ve lost track of all the details and I cannot repeat what I did now.

I first tested with another PC - all went fine there.

On this PC I first tried just changing the printer when first printing something from a regular viewport but it still crashed when printing from the layout after that. At some point I was able to change something [default printer | printer set from regular viewport] that made the crashing stop. I wanted to find out how to reliably repeat that and so I set the default Windows printer back to OneNote and Rhino crashed again. Now I’ve tried numerous combinations of everything but I cannot get it to not crash anymore…

Oh well… I guess I’ll just be not printing from this PC anytime.

Since printing and display are so tightly coupled, I suspect updating a driver or something along those lines will prove to be the difference.
I’d update the display driver before giving up on that crash prone system.

It sounds like we need to test with the OneNote printer

OneNote 2010 it seems

I’ve now updated the driver:

But Rhino is still crashing in the same way.