BUG: Opening certain DWGs cause Rhino 7 to crash

I’ve encountered an issue attempting to open DWG files produced by Revit, where Rhino consistently crashes whilst in the process of opening the file. I’ve encountered this problem on multiple files which I am able to open in Rhino 6.

I first noticed this since switching to updating by service release candidates, and the most recent one from 31/03 still has this issue. Can anyone help?

Edit: Interestingly, attaching the dwg as a worksession works fine.

Hi Ben - please post herer or send an example dwg to tech@mcneel.com, with a link back to this topic in your comments.


Thanks Pascal - message sent. Hoping this can be solved quickly as opening dwgs is quite crucial for us!

Hi Ben - thanks, so far your file behaves, here.


I’m wondering if this is the same thing I reported to tech last week. Certain .dwg’s - as well as .3dm’s here - would crash when I either drag and dropped them into a running Rhino instance, or used File>Open. Paradoxically, they would open without crashing if I just double clicked on the file. All of these files had a missing font - they had a Dimstyle with Helvetica Neue as the font which is not installed on my system. The missing font warning would come up when double clicking, but not when using File>Open or drag and drop.

After substituting Arial and purging out the dimstyle referencing the missing font, the file stopped crashing. So I highly suspect that was the problem, but I can’t prove it. Tech was not able to reproduce the problem either.

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Thanks for the advice! In this case I think it was just a coincidence, as it turned out to be an issue related to VisualArq. Once I disable the plugin, Rhino no longer crashes when trying to open the file.

Hi Ben - if you can systematically reproduce that and are running the latest versions of all software, please let the VisualARQ team know about this.

@wim - Ben had a ‘special’ build of VA from Francesc - at the moment it looks like that is likely the culprit.