Rhino 7 -- imported .dwg files causing Rhino, and my computer, to freeze

Imported .dwg (AutoCAD 2004) files cause my computer to lag and crash when moved around. I tried exploding them and it worked to a point, but the Rhino model eventually crashes nonetheless when I’m working with it.

I’m using Rhino 7 on a Surface Pro 6, 8 GB RAMA-40-P-020.dwg (379.3 KB) A-40-S-001.dwg (473.5 KB) A-40-S-003.dwg (1.1 MB) . It can be that my computer is too slow to run Rhino, but I doubt it.

Please find attached the dwg files I’m working with. Thank you!

Welcome @sulleahmed
Run the Rhino command _SystemInfo . Please post the results here.

This sounds maybe like the problem with very dense hatches… It has been fixed for a future service release.

No, guess that’s not it, there are hatches, but they don’t seem to be too dense or causing a problem here.

Here are the results:

+1 same here

Can you show all of it; plugins are clipped.

Well, from what I can see above, your computer does not meet the minimum spec for Rhino 7 - as far as video memory goes. Plus your driver is out of date, I would try updating that first.

Maybe the driver update will help, but it’s still not going to be an ideal solution for heavier display tasks.