Cannot make solid out of these surfaces. Why?

Hi, can someone please help me understand why I cannot make a solid out of these surfaces? The side surfaces seem to be the problem which I found out through trial and error. If I simply loft the outside curves it’s possible to make a solid. But I would like the side surfaces to be curved. So my questions are:

  1. How do I find out where the problem is? (I tried edgecontinuity but I don’t know how to use this command.)
  2. How can I make a solid out of this model, having the side surfaces curved and not flat?
    Solid_Issue_KK.3dm (428.4 KB)
    Thank you for your help, Kat

Hi Katherina,

First off, you have a duplicate of the far side surface of the ring.

Secondly, your sides are not within tolerance distance of the outer face of the ring. Use the _MatchSrf command to adjust the side edges to match the outer face edges (taking the Position options). After that the ring will join into a closed polysurface.

You can see where the problem lies when you cannot close an object by selecting the imperfectly joined object and running _ShowEdges, then selecting the Naked Edges option from the dialog box. This highlights edges that haven’t joined.


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Thank you, Jeremy. That worked really well!