Unable to close a simple polysurface - help!

Hi, I have been working on this problem for a few days now and I’ve obviously hit a wall. I’m modelling the temple piece of a pair of glasses and I don’t know why I can’t close the polysurface into a solid. I see that there are a ton of naked edges but don’t know how to close them or merge the surfaces together.

In this file I drew out the two curves parallel to each other, lofted the space in between and then patched and trimmed the inner and outer surfaces.

Thank you in advance!

49mm circle metal 3D.3dm (1.6 MB)

Hi Alexander - it looks to me like the problem started here, in lofting to get this surface:

See how messy that is? Much better to make matching curves when lofting - that is the same structure, and in this case you can probably make far simpler curves as well.
Then a good trick in a case like this is to extend ('ExtendSrf`)the surfaces through the side surfaces:

and then trim everything back with everything… and Join. `CreateSolid also is good but it seems no to like that the big side surfaces cross each other here, so I trimmed.


Thank you so much, Pascal! What a huge help.

Alex Fan

Pascal gave common-sense advice that any experienced Rhino user could give. I keep saying that this kind of knowledge should be included in the Rhino documentation.