Help convert surfaces to solid

Hi guys,

I’m a beginner of rhino. I’ve tried several trouble shooting methods, but I still can’t convert the surfaces into a solid model.
Could anyone help me take a look at the model and see where went wrong? Thank you so much!!

56%20AM|690x402 surface_to_solid.3dm (17.2 MB)

A solid in Rhino is a closed surface/polysurface without any gaps. Use Join to create a single polysurface from your surfaces and polysurfaces. Then use ShowEdges with Naked edges selected to find edges which are not joined to other edges. Your model has several. You can use CrvDeviation to find the deviation between two edges or between an edge and a curve. The difference between edges should be less than the absolute tolerance set in document properties, which is 0.001 for this model.

Several of the surface edges deviate from the curves which I assume were used to create the surfaces. How did you create the surfaces?

Also, have you made any changes to the absolute tolerance?

Hi David, thanks for helping.

I basically use Sweep2 to create surfaces. And when I tried to join 2 surfaces, it doesn’t allow me to click on the surface.unable_to_join_surface.3dm (14.4 MB)

The new model has one problem - the long, top edge. Use ShowEdges with Naked edge option to see it.

What options are you using in Sweep2? Are you rebuilding any surfaces?

Hello- for what it is worth, I’d approach this differently - the images in the file show an object that is basically prismatic with rounded corners - I’d make the planes as planes and then build fillets between these and trim them up:


Hi David,

Thanks so much! I tried it and fixed it. now it works! Thanks so much for helping!