Cannot delete objects on reference layers - needs yes to all


I attached a few rhino files in a worksession.
I selected the geometry and hit Ctrl+X.

Now I get this dialog and I have to click it 100 times :slight_smile:


Could you please look into this,


Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having the same issue

No, as long as I am aware of. Maybe fixed in WIP?

Hello - no, that is still there

RH-58728 Worksession: Just one warning


Just stumbled across this, too, in Rhino 6 SR31…

I am having the same issue.
Didn’t save for quite a while until this. have to click it a million times.

after a million times, was it resolved? or still have to end the programme and lost all the unsaved works?

thank you

it was 7 months ago.
i think i force closed the file.

sorry for responding in an old thread but I just encountered this issue. Is the only way to resolve it to force quit Rhino (and lose work…)?

According to this ticket it is solved in Rhino 7.

Hmm, I’m working in Rhino 7 but this happened to me today.
It occurred when trying to close a block full of VisualArq objects, if that information is of any interest…

Just came across this myself - the root cause for me was attaching a file as a worksession while editing a block. I received the error message while attempting to exit the block edit.
No solution to the recurring messages though, had to force quit.

  • David

Can confirm this problem still exists Rhino 7 SR 20. So unfortunate that bugs causing you to lose work like this still exist. The SubD addition to Rhino was cool, but I would much rather development time be spent on stability.

Just had this problem, what helped for me was before the error occured (it occured when exiting a block edit) i had to x exit the block, not press ok, when i pressed ok the dialog kept popping up.

I’m also having this issue, unfortunately. I came across it while trying to delete layers during block editing.